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Installing VsFTPd on Ubuntu Server

Random | 10 Sep 2014
Tags: ubuntu, vsftpd, ftp-server, ubuntu-server

A small tutorial on how to install vsftpd and setup a separate user.

Please follow these steps to install vsftpd service on your ubuntu machine.

adding a new local user
useradd -g ubuntu ftpuser

change the password of the new user
passwd ftpuser

checking the user information
id ftpuser

checking the user group
groups ftpuser

changing the group of the user
usermod -g ubuntu ftpuser

installing and configuring vsftpd

enabling passive ports:

after this, make sure that the port range 64000 - 64321 is enabled in your amazon ec2 security groups or iptables

configuring ftp user home directory:
sudo mkdir /home/ftpuser
chown ftpuser:ubuntu /home/ftpuser

connect using filezilla
use active ftp connection