Ubuntu Terminal - adding user with SSH access


In the following example I’m doing the following

  • create¬†a new user using ubuntu terminal
  • add my public key to authorized keys
  • add user to sudoers (to be able to use sudo)
  • enable ssh access for this user


# creating user adduser [username]

adding user to sudo (administrative privelleges)


search for a line “root ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL” and add a new line there

[username] ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL

delete a user

deluser [username]

when deleting the user, the line added in visudo should be also deleted

delete home directory of the user along with the account deletion

deluser –remove-home [username]

# adding user without password, with ssh access and sudo

1. adding user without password

adduser –disable-password –gecos "” [username]

2. creating ssh user and supplying the public key

mkdir /home/[username]/.ssh touch -f /home/[username]/.ssh/authorized_keys

echo “[public key contents]” » /home/[username]/.ssh/authorized_keys

echo “AllowUsers [username]” » /etc/ssh/sshd_config sudo service ssh reload

3. giving sudo access

echo “[username] ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL” » /etc/sudoers.d/[username]