Review of

There’s tons of deployment tools available these days. (previously known as is one of the nice tools I used since a while.

Basically the tool offered as capability to configure SSH connection to statically defined instances, perform code upload, apply configuration, run before and after install scripts and trigger other deployments. In addition they provide what they call “Atomic” deployment. This assures zero downtime and code consistency throughout the deployment nodes as the document root is switched from one release to another using softlink.

Recently launched more tools like running before deployment script in custom build environment. You can actually choose your required environment: PHP, NodeJS etc.. and run your build generation scripts. Afterwards the build will be deployed to the instances directly.

If something is not right you can rollback to the previous version. The easy to use interface allows you to view the git commit difference being deployed in each release. You don’t need to manually track it - your deployment history can be easily accessed. The nice feature I found is ability to create user accounts with different access levels, e.g. View only, View and Deploy or Full Access.

Post deployment we usually like to be informed on Slack. There’s nothing easier then adding slack webhook into and you get instance updates.

With you can deploy directly to AmazonS3 buckets and they are expanding their AWS integrations. Unless you are using AWS Auto-Scaling, utilizing tools like Jenkins, CodePipeline and CodeDeploy, is one of the tools which may be useful to consider

Publish Date: 2013-04-09